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What is Proargi 9 plus you ask? ProArgi-9 plus is Synergy's top-selling product and the cornerstone of any nutritional regimen. ProArgi 9 plus is packed with pharmaceutical grade l-arginine, an amino acid that your body converts to nitric oxide to help enhance your cardiovascular system.

ProArgi-9 canisterOne serving of ProArgi-9 Plus contains 5,000 mg (5 grams) of pharmaceutical grade l-arginine.

Formulated in collaboration with leading l-arginine researchers and cardiovascular specialists, ProArgi 9 plus and l-arginine also help improve immune function, may boost energy levels, help to build muscle, and reduce adipose tissue body fat.

ProArgi 9 plus is a unique product with far-reaching health benefits. With ProArgi 9 plus, you're giving your body the support necessary for a long, healthy life.

ProArgi-9 Plus is a unique L-arginine Complexer designed to nourish and aid the endothelial cells that line all of the cardiovascular system to improve their ability to create nitric oxide, which is the master signaling molecule of the cardiovascular system.

ProArgi-9 Plus was formulated in collaboration with leading L-arginine researchers such as Dr. Joe Prendergast who have conducted pioneering research in the proper application of L-arginine for the support of the cardiovascular system and consequently the general body, the multi-organ system.

ProArgi-9 Plus has the ability to effectively deliver pharmaceutical grade levels of L-arginine so that the cardiovascular endothelial cells can properly produce a steady supply of nitric oxide.

ProArgi-9 Plus combines the latest technology and superior ingredients that work together to protect and enhance the cardiovascular system and overall health. The ingredients contained in ProArgi-9 Plus are listed on the ingredients page of our website.

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